States With Sports Betting Laws

Sports Betting Laws

While several states have enacted laws legalizing sports betting, some have stalled in the legislature. In fact, Kansas has no active sports gambling legislation. In fact, the State House has not even considered a single sports betting bill since 2016. Kentucky also has multiple bills to legalize the practice, but these are unlikely to get anywhere until 2020. Louisiana’s election will determine if sports betting becomes legal in the state. But while the legislation may be slow to pass, there are some hopeful signs.


New Jersey: Unlike other states, Rhode Island is one of the most progressive on the issue. The state has legalized sports betting and has numerous online sportsbooks. However, the state lottery has been hesitant to make the process more accessible to citizens. It also has prohibited sports betting for minors, and is attempting to regulate the industry in an unavoidable manner. In 2017, Rhode Island became the first state to legalize sports betting.

Illinois: The Land of Lincoln will officially join the ranks of states with legal sports betting in 2020. Its launch has been marred by several controversial decisions by the state legislature and law enforcement. Despite the favorable ruling in New Jersey, Illinois’ law has created a scheme wherein the initial funding must be made in person. Thus, the launch of sports betting in Illinois has been delayed. While Maryland voters voted for the expansion of sports betting in their state, the sports gambling industry is likely to be affected by a variety of issues.

States With Sports Betting Laws

While New York lawmakers have considered sports betting, the state’s lawmakers are not as likely to approve it. If the federal ban is overturned, sports betting would be permitted in New York. In addition, West Virginia and Rhode Island could begin allowing sports wagering as early as college football season. But for now, there is no concrete timeline for approval. So it’s still a long way to go before a decision on this issue will be made.

While Nevada has the largest sports betting market in the country, it’s not available in all areas. For instance, New Jersey, Washington, and Colorado are the only two other states that currently offer regulated sports betting. The other eighteen other states allow sports betting, but not Nevada. For now, these are the only legal options available. The rest of the United States will have to wait until the end of 2019 to see if sports betting is legal in its state.

Some states have a long way to go before they are ready for sports betting. In California, sports betting is illegal, and the state’s legislature is currently deciding whether to allow it. The law has not yet been passed in all of these states, but the majority of states that have legalized it have welcomed the industry. While most other places are hesitant to legalize sports gambling, there are a number of reasons why the sport isn’t legal in your state.

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