Store onions in these ways for a long time, there will be no problem

Onion is one of the most essential ingredients used in the kitchen. It should be said that it is a material to enhance the taste of food. Onions are used in many ways to enhance the taste of food. Due to its maximum use, people buy it in large quantities and after coming from the market, both its color and taste get spoiled if kept in the house for several days. If you do not know the right way to store onion, it gets spoiled quickly. Whereas if properly stored onion, it remains fresh for many months. Let us tell you here the right way to store onions for a long time.

Store in dark placeA cool, dry and dark place is the best place to store onions for a long time. Always store onions in a place where there is no moisture or water. Let us tell you that onions can get spoiled due to light contact with water.

Do not store in plastic bagsVentilation is also important to prevent rot in onions. Store it in an open basket. Never store onions in plastic bags. Because it can spoil them quickly due to poor ventilation. Therefore, after bringing onions from the market, keep it in an open basket immediately.

Store in Nylon StockingsStoring onions in nylon stockings keeps it fresh. For this, first take onions and let them dry. After this you store it in nylon stockings. By doing this the onion does not spoil for many months.

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