Street artist Banksy claims new works that have appeared on English walls

In a clip, the anonymous street artist presents the works installed in England during the summer.

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British street artist Banksy confirmed via a video on Friday August 13, posted on his Instagram account, that he was indeed the author of several works that have recently appeared in England. The clip of just over three minutes, titled “A Great British Spraycation”, represents the summer journey of the artist who travels aboard a tired camper van, paint cans full of the cooler.

Echoing the environmental crisis, one of the stenciled paintings presents three children, one of whom is bailed with a bucket, on a corrugated iron boat resting against a green brick wall, with the inscription “We’re all in the same boat” (we are all in the same boat in English).

In recent years, the contemporary Bristol artist, who cleverly maintains the mystery of his identity, has kept contemporary art circles spellbound with its emblematic causes, such as the migration crisis or Brexit, and has panicked auctions. In March, a work honoring caregivers reached a record amount of 20 million euros, intended for the British public health service.

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