Stress, an enemy of well-being

OUR ADVICE – Work or private life: stress is the daily lot of millions of French people. But there are solutions to combat it.

“What I fear the most in stress is not that it kills, it’s that it prevents you from tasting life”,wrote Jean-Louis Servan-Schreiber in The Art of Time (1) in 1983. Of course, stress has a strong impact on health: it is a proven cardiovascular risk factor and is suspected of triggering many other pathologies. But it also insinuates itself into the intricacies of daily life and restricts our ability to experience well-being. He is not just an enemy since he is an essential driver of action. However, whether it is due to work or personal problems, it can turn out to be extremely negative.

Because who says stress says rumination: we constantly think about what worries us, we feel sadness, shame, resentment, anger, even fear. “The scientific literature shows that ruminating activates, in our brain, the neural networks involved in depression and anxiety. We now know how to visualize them thanks to brain imaging.

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