Successfully operated, Pope Francis will remain hospitalized for a week

Expected, the news fell late in the evening of Sunday July 4: unsurprisingly, the operation of Pope Francis went off without a hitch. “The Holy Father reacted well to the operation carried out under general anesthesia”, thus assured in a statement Matteo Bruni, director of the Press Office of the Holy See.

→ CONTEXT. Pope Francis hospitalized for a benign operation

On this occasion, he recalled that the intervention had taken place at the Gemelli clinic – a name well known to Catholics around the world since Pope John Paul II made several stays there – and that it was about ‘a surgical intervention “Scheduled”. This operation had been announced a few hours earlier today, the Vatican specifying that it was aimed at a “Symptomatic diverticular stenosis of the colon”.

In a new communication, Monday July 5 in the middle of the day, Matteo Bruni indicated that the Pope presented a good condition, [était] alert and breathe[ait] spontaneously “ at the end of this three-hour operation. “Unless there are any complications, hospitalization of around seven days is planned”, he specified. It is therefore not certain that Pope Francis will return to the Vatican on Sunday July 12 to preside over the Sunday Angelus.

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The transparency desired by the Holy See on this operation sought to underline its benign aspect. Likewise, the announcement by Pope Francis himself of his trip to Hungary and Slovakia next September, made a few hours before the operation, showed that, for him, this intervention in no way disturbed his agenda.

“Much more tired” by his last trip

As for sovereigns and heads of state, the question of the health of the popes is closely scrutinized by observers. Last March, returning from his apostolic trip to Iraq, Pope Francis stressed that this historic trip had left him “Much more tired” than his previous visits outside Italy. “84 [ans] do not happen on their own! It’s a consequence… ”, he joked.

Besides his age and this operation, François’s limping gait, due to hip problems, sometimes causes concern. In addition, he had to cancel his participation in a number of events last winter due to pain associated with sciatica. Finally, he announced in 2018 that he had to undergo cataract surgery in the coming months. The Vatican has never communicated on the realization or not of this intervention.


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