Sugar will kill: sweeter than sweet Beware of death, more sweet cause these damage

new Delhi: Many people are fond of eating sweet. However, eating a lot of sweet food can cause many harm to your health. Therefore, it is said that sugar is eaten in small quantities. Today we are going to tell you about the loss due to sugar in this story.

Sugar damage

1- Sugar increases obesity. In fact, lipoprotein lipose is formed in the body by eating sugar and due to this, fat starts accumulating in the cells. Because of this, obesity increases.

Eating too much sugar also weakens the immune system.

There is also a decrease in energy.

4 – Consumption of excess sugar increases the function of our liver and increases the production of lipids in the body. In such a situation there is an increased risk of problems like fatty liver disease.

Taking a lot of sugar increases blood sugar level, which is harmful for the brain. In this situation, the glucose cannot reach the brain in the right amount and the brain does not function properly and there is a serious illness like memory loss.

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