Sukriti and Prakriti Kakkar at New York Times Square, Singers make India proud

Sukriti and Prakriti Kakar appeared on the billboards of Times Square in New York City. An initiative was taken to promote the participation of women in music at the international level by presenting the photographs of Sukriti and Prakriti Kakar here. Earlier this year, the two were in the news for teaming up with music icon Dua Lipa. The Hindi remix version of her song ‘Levitating’ with Dua Lipa was a world wide blockbuster hit and topped the charts for months.

Now, the pair appeared on the world’s most iconic billboard in New York City’s Times Square. Her stellar image was showcased as an initiative to promote women’s participation in music at the international level. She was featured alongside well-known names like Vladivozna La Chia, María Jose Lergo, making her the first Indian to be a part of the episode. It was a matter of great honor for both of them.

An extremely excited Sukriti said about this, “It is like a dream that we are always ready for, especially at the beginning of our career. Having our image on the Times Square billboard was certainly a dream come true, which is a very exciting and unique moment to come true. Encouraging women’s participation in music globally, apart from making yourself believe, and seeing your image on Billboard, is another key factor in what makes it special.

Speaking further, Prakriti said, “The representation of women in music, locally as well as globally, has reached a new level of participation. Female should be paid equally to male, female should be seen as equal to male singer without any discrimination and this mutual association makes it more powerful. This has made it the most viewed billboard in Times Square in the world. And we are very proud to be a part of it. As Indian artists, as well as young women, it has always been important to share, work and build trust amongst ourselves and we are seeing this becoming a reality as well.’


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