Summer skin care tips: Take extra care of skin in summer season, learn tips for different skin

With the arrival of summer, more skin care is needed. In summer, the pores of our skin get obstructed and pimples start forming. In addition, due to harmful UV rays, melanin production increases and the skin becomes dark. In such a situation, according to the changing season, you need to change the skin care routine. Therefore, by adopting some tips according to the skin, the skin can be properly cared for.

Tips for oily skin
In the summer months, oily skin has to face the most skin problems. Use face wash that suits your skin type in summer and give more time to exfoliation for deep clean. You can use a mild, non-sticky moisturizer and a maturing sunscreen. Along with this, you can use mud based face mask to reduce dead cells and oils.

Tips for combination skin

You can opt for a mild, alcohol free, gel-based cleanser. Instead of a non-sticky, grease free moisturizer or hydrating serum, use maturing sunscreen to give your skin enough nutrients.

Tips for dry skin
Individuals with dry skin may switch to light, hydrating milk and lotion for moisturizing and sun protection. They will not leave any gracie effect on your skin and will prove to be beneficial.

Tips for normal skin

Normal skin does not have much effect during summer. You can use a gel-based face wash and a mild moisturizer to make you look fresh. In addition, you can also try hydrating face mask and maturing sunscreen.

Special summer tips
It is important to stay hydrated during summer. You can use hydrating face cream for additional hydration at bedtime. Vitamin C is also important in summer. Also use vitamin C serum between cleansing and moisturizer. Along with this, the intake of coconut water, watermelon and fresh juice also helps in staying hydrated.

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