Sunday assembly. We need the weekly Eucharist.

There are at least three forms of the presence of Jesus Christ among us. From memory:

– Whenever two or three are gathered in my name, I am in the midst of them;

– Take and eat, this is my body, this and my blood;

– Every time you did it to one of those little ones, you did it to me.

And the one that, in my eyes, is the most powerful is the one called the “Last Judgment”, that is to say the third. If I participate regularly in the Sunday assembly, it is not to take my weekly dose of Eucharistic strengthening, even if in human terms it can also have this benefit. For me, it helps me to consolidate my belonging, my Christian commitment, and to strengthen my relationship with God. In my eyes, having participated at least once in your life in the Eucharist brings all that is fundamentally necessary from God’s side. The body of Christ has no expiration date.

We need the weekly Eucharist because as a human being we remain weak. We need to come together to share our faith, frequent the word, renew our experience of communion in God, recharge our batteries, organize the proclamation of the Good News through teaching, celebration and above all, to liven up personal and collective exercise. of Charity. And to take a step back on this temporary difficulty for us of the absence of religious assemblies, here are two observations:

The first, in many situations throughout the world and history, the Eucharist cannot be lived on a weekly or daily basis. So what ! God manifests and awaits us throughout our life.

The second, generally in a totalitarian regime hostile to the Church, it is not the Eucharist which is prohibited in priority, but the charitable exercise of its mission. Interesting no! I hope that we will soon be able to live our Assemblies again, but it also seems imperative to me to constantly invent new forms of relationship with God and our brothers, especially the most fragile, in this very evolving societal context. And that, in my opinion, everyone can contribute to it in their own way, without waiting for the re-establishment of local Masses.

Christian Gourgouilhon


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