Supposed racist remarks from a referee: former goalkeeper Jérôme Alonso says he is “relieved because the players have revolted”

The Champions League match between PSG and Turks in Basaksehir Istanbul was interrupted in the 14th minute on Tuesday (December 8th) and the players returned to the locker room, after an alleged racist incident involving the fourth referee of the match.

>> “This is a point that is not addressed in the rules, it is a unique fact”, reacts the former referee Joël Quiniou.

“It’s pathetic, shameful”, reacted on franceinfo Jérôme Alonso, football consultant and former player (of PSG in particular), but I am also relieved because we finally moved ”.

That’s it, there is a breakthrough, the players revolted, we were against the machine, we did not let go.

Jerome Alonso

to franceinfo

Jérôme Alonso says to himself “very happy and very proud of [sa] corporation because finally the players have stepped up to the plate, decided together to make a strong gesture, a gesture that remains, that marks the entire planet “ when leaving the field.

“A referee is someone who has to take responsibility for the safety of the players and the proper conduct of the match, so it is extremely serious what is happening, added the former PSG goalkeeper. We went beyond the insults of a few morons in the stands “.

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