Sushant went to leave Riya Chakraborty at 3 pm on June 13, BJP leader said – witness is present

CBI is investigating Sushant Singh Rajput case. Since his death, many things have come to light about this matter. It is not yet clear how Sushant died. According to Riya Chakraborty’s statement so far, she did not meet Sushant after 8 June, nor spoke to him. Now BJP leader Vivekananda Gupta claims that Sushant and Riya met on the night of 13 June.

Told- Sushant and Riya were together around 3 o’clock
According to reports, BJP Mumbai Secretary Advocate Vivekananda Gupta said that he came to know from a witness that Sushant had left Riya home on the night of 13 June. Gupta said that she has been told that Riya and Sushant were seen together late at 3 pm while Riya says that she had not met Sushant since June 8. He told Republic TV that on the night of 13 there was a big politician’s birthday. Another politician had tweeted that there could be a big party even after the lockdown. This means that the minister knows who came to this party.

Sushant’s sister Shweta Singh pointed to the good news, told fans – an inch away from the truth

Said – will tell the name of the witness to CBI
Vivekananda said that the witness told that he had seen between 2 and 3 o’clock that Sushant had left Riya at his house. On the morning of 14 they were murdered and hanged. He also said that he will tell the CBI about who Iwitness was. Said that he would like to testify to CBI.

Sushant’s sister told the news – Game Changer
On the other hand, Sushant’s sister Shweta Singh Kirti has posted this news on social media. He has written that this breaking news is truly a game changer. A witness is confirming that the brothers had met Riya on the night of 13. What happened on the night of 13 that the next morning the brothers met?


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