Sylvain Pellerin: “We will have to reduce the place of breeding in French agriculture”

MAINTENANCE – According to the researcher, the fight against global warming involves, among other things, a change in our eating habits.

Sylvain Pellerin is Inrae research director and deputy head of the AgroEcoSystem department.

LE FIGARO. – In France, what share does agriculture represent in our greenhouse gas emissions?

Sylvain PELLERIN. – Agriculture stricto sensu represents 19% of French emissions but unlike other sectors, it emits relatively little CO2, the latter coming mainly from the use of agricultural machinery. Indeed, 51% of emissions are methane (a powerful greenhouse gas emitted by ruminants and by the storage of livestock manure), and 46% of nitrous oxide due to the use of nitrogen fertilizers. .

Will we be able to feed France in 2050 while drastically reducing these emissions?

France has adopted a strategy aimed at carbon neutrality in 2050, the objective then being not to emit more than what ecosystems can absorb. This strategy is broken down by sector: for agriculture, it is a question of halving emissions while

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