Take off for the first film shot in orbit

A Soyuz capsule took a Russian actress and director for a twelve-day stay in the ISS.

Contrary to custom, the occupants of the International Space Station (ISS), including its new captain Thomas Pesquet, did not immediately welcome the three new Russian visitors who arrived aboard a Soyuz capsule on Tuesday. . The reason? This trip from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan is dedicated … to the shooting of a film in space, and the opening of the docking chamber between the capsule and the station was apparently to be filmed without a visible welcoming committee.

As the Russian space agency Roscosmos proudly proclaims, this is the first time that a feature film has been shot in orbit. And it is also the first time that the crew of a space mission has included a professional actress, Yulia Peressild, 37, and a director, Klim Chipenko, 38. They will both spend the next 12 days shooting between thirty and forty minutes of the film, with the rest to be made on Earth, in the studio, after their return.

Relaunch the Russian space agency

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