Tamasha’s set, Meena Kumari’s Didar and Mughal Azam’s palace in the pain of love, it was Kamal Amrohi who got an alphabet pakiza

Kamal Amrohi Birthday: Every alphabet written by him in films became pakiza. Kamal Amrohi was like a poem written on celluloid. When Kamal Amrohi wrote the dialogues of the films, the Mughals became independent. When the story of the film was written, it made ‘Mahal’ of success. When the film was directed, Dile became innocent tears. A fan who gave everything to films. The writer was called Munshi before Kamal Sahab. He reversed this history. Amrohi Saheb was amazing in Hindi cinema.

On the go, someone was found just like this ..

Kamal of Amroha, Uttar Pradesh. Amazing of Bollywood’s Queen Meena Kumari. While walking, someone was found like this .. while walking all the way. At the same time, my night has stopped. Amrohi’s kamal pulled Meena Kumari towards him. But this story of Ishq started to suffer. So early that no one knew. This is a strange story .. Where did it begin, where did it end… Who are they, who neither can understand nor we. This story became the love of both.

Many stories were made with Funkars reaching the special place of Fun. Age made many accusations on Kamal. Meena Kumari’s first meeting with Kamal Amrohi was on the sets of Tamasha. Then he was looking for an actress for Anarkali. In the first meeting, Amrohi signed Meena Kumari by paying double the amount. Kamal Amrohi was older than Meena Kumari.

She met Sohrab Modi

Meanwhile, while returning from Mahabaleshwar, Meena Kumari fell victim to the accident. Then the two exchanged letters in a shairaan style. After this both of them got married. Then Kamal Amrohi also had three children from his first wife.

The story of Kamal Amrohi’s entry into the film world is no less interesting. He belonged to the Zamindar family of Amroha. His name was then Syed Amir Haider. One day his brother slaps him. The same night he left Amroha. Moved to Lahore. There was no mind there and he came to Kolkata. Then Mumbai.

He met KL Sehgal in Lahore. He introduced Kamal to Sohrab Modi, the owner of Minerva. Sohrab’s film was Pukar Superhit. Kamal had written the story. Then the process started. The success of the palace broke all records. Kamal then opened his company. Amazing Pictures. Made the film realm with Meena Kumari under the same banner. At that time, Mehboob Khan was making his film Amar. He had signed Meena Kumari before Madhubala. On refusing Amar, Meena Kumari was expelled from her home by her father. She came directly to Kamal.

Tonight they have come after a long time ..

Moonlight night has come after a long time .. This meeting has come after a long time .. Tonight they have come after a long time .. Tonight has come after a long time … That night Meena Kumari’s life It was the most beautiful night of The shooting of Daira started with this cheerfulness. After this the shooting of Mughal Azam started. Initially, Wajahat Mirza was writing the story. Then Asif turned towards Kamal. The dialogues of Salim and Anarkali endured forever.

Kamal and meena on stony path

During the shooting of Mughal-e-Azam in 1958, Kamal and Meena’s relationship deteriorated. Shooting took a break. No one can tell the truth of what happened between the two. According to the headlines of that time, the success of Meena was amazing. They wanted to assert their rights. It was difficult to reduce bitterness in relationships. On the other hand, Meena Kumari had cancer due to continuous drinking. She went in 1964 and returned in 1970. Sunil Dutt and Khayyam remade them for the film. She was working on the set of Pakija with Kamal.

End of an azim funk

On February 4, 1972, Pakija was on screen and Meena was awaiting death in the hospital. He died on 31 March. Kamal Amrohi became lonely. It took him ten years to get out of the shock. Then came Razia Sultan. It was beaten at the box office and Kamal broke badly. On 11 February 1993, this Azeem Funkar said goodbye to the world.


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