Taste a new art of living

New recipes for happiness. 71 actions of human ecology,

by Tugdual Derville, preface by Philippine de Saint-Pierre

Ed. by Emmanuel, 160 pages, 16 €

Taste a new art of living

“Thank the past generations”, “hold the course”, “see that man is first of all good”, “enter into a relationship through limits”, “taste the surprise”, “harbor insects”, “know why we are here “… Through a small guide built in the form of a cookbook, Tugdual Derville offers here 71 “Recipes for happiness”, at the service of human ecology and integral development, in line with the calls of Pope Francis in Laudato ‘yes.

Initially presented on KTO, this series of chronicles invites you to change your relationship to yourself, to others, but also to the world around us, by paying attention to its small details. Some immediately get a smile. Others, more serious, urge a real introspection, by inviting us to recognize our dark sides, or by reminding us again of the importance of measuring our words or our judgments.

Some, more unusual or more mysterious, do not fail to arouse curiosity. “They are designed as a storehouse of ideas to simmer; 71 precepts, sometimes basic, sometimes exotic, from which one can draw; various ingredients from which each reader can compose their own feast, to taste it personally, without forgetting to share it with others ”, thus advises, with a light and tasty pen, the author in the preamble.

For each of these interior meditations, Tugdual Derville still invites, by proposing various avenues of progression, to concretely implement changes in our daily life. Without posing as a personal development mentor, he urges us to rediscover a taste for simple things and real relationships. While the Covid-19 pandemic once again comes to test our models of society, our existential certainties and all our human links, this book comes to put a little balm in the heart.


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