Taste the taste of Kulfi and Malai Peda in this season, this video is for the recipe of Sugar Free Sweets

Do you want to do something different and interesting to eat sweets this winter? How would you like to learn the recipe of making healthy sweets without any hassle? If you are really thinking so, then Chef Sanjeev Kapoor’s Kulfi and Malai Peda recipe is amazing. You must try it in winter.

This easy recipe is prepared with some other easily available household ingredients besides cashew nuts and dates. In addition, its biggest feature is to be sugar and gluten free and can be prepared quickly without any mess.

Ingredients for Vegan Kulfi
A quarter cup of cashew nuts, 8-10 seeds without seed date, 2 tablespoons of steel cut oats, 2-3 pieces of cardamom and 1 cup of coconut milk.

How to make Vegan Kulfi
Soak cashew nuts in a bowl and soak them for three to four hours. Place the seedless date palm in a bowl and let it soak for about 30 minutes. To give the shape of powder in the mixer, finely remove the oats and cardamom together. Now put the soaked dates and cashews in the mixer and grind to make a paste. When the paste is ready, grind the oats powder and coconut milk in the mixer once again. Now put the mixture in Kulfi mode and refrigerate it for one hour and freeze it for seven to eight hours.

Ingredients for vegan malai peda
1 cup cashew nuts, 4 teaspoons dry date powder, 3 teaspoon desiccated coconut, ½ teaspoon small cardamom powder, 1 pinch of rock salt, 30 grams of tofu and 3 teaspoon dates paste.

How to make vegan malai peda
In a mixer, grind cashew nuts in powder form and keep them in an empty bowl. Add dates powder, desiccated coconut, small cardamom powder and rock salt. Then beat all the ingredients well. Now after tofu is finely mixed with dates paste. Mix all the ingredients with your hands to give the shape of a paste like flour. Remove a portion of the paste and roll it from your palms to make the shape of the peda.

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