Tea will steal sleep: Ginger tea will not let you live, it will have serious effects on health

Health Tips: Who does not like to drink tea in winter. People especially like ginger tea. Ginger is very beneficial for us. It has many medicinal properties. But excessive consumption of ginger tea can prove harmful to our health.

Excessive consumption of ginger tea can interfere with your sleep. Ginger tea should be avoided before bedtime.

Excessive consumption of ginger tea may increase the risk of diarrhea. Ginger works to digest food rapidly, due to which there may be problem of batch.

blood pressure
Ginger tea is considered beneficial for those who have high blood pressure. But for people whose blood pressure is normal, or is low, ginger tea can be harmful. Due to its use, they may complain of dizziness and weakness.

Drinking too much of ginger tea can cause hair loss. An element called gingerol is found in ginger. Gingerol can prevent hair from growing.

Drinking too much of ginger tea can cause irritation. Gingerol found in ginger can produce more acid in the stomach. Which can cause irritation.

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