Teachers’ strike: distribution of masks, recruitment, baccalaureate … What to remember from Jean-Michel Blanquer’s announcements

At the end of a day of strike within the National Education, the Minister made announcements at the end of a meeting which brought together the unions, the Prime Minister and the Minister of Health.

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Long-awaited announcements. Thursday, January 13, after a long meeting, the Minister of National Education Jean-Michel Blanquer responded to the trade unions. It must be said that the strike within the National Education was particularly followed: with 38.5% of strikers according to the ministry and 75% according to the first union of the primary, it is the largest mobilization since 2019. Franceinfo takes stock of these announcements.

3,300 contract workers will be recruited

The Minister announced that he was going to call on 3,300 additional contractors. Teachers on additional lists will also be recruited, as well as educational assistants and administrative support staff to help school principals. That is “several thousand people” in total, underlined Jean-Michel Blanquer.

FFP2 masks will be distributed

In total, the Minister of Education affirmed that 5 million FFP2 masks will be “disseminated in the school system”, especially for kindergarten teachers, who teach in front of children who do not wear masks.

Regarding CO2 sensors, Jean-Michel Blanquer recalled that it is “within the competence of local authorities” specifying that “the State has created a fund to support communities that have difficulty obtaining it”. The Minister of Education dismissed “the message both to the municipalities, to the departments, and to the regions of the possibility of having the State at their side for this equipment which is important”.

The postponement of the baccalaureate exams under study

Jean-Michel Blanquer will also study the possibility of postponing the baccalaureate specialty teaching tests, which normally take place in March. The Minister of Education will analyze the possibility of postponing them to June in consultation with the “representative organizations” and the high school life advice.

The mid-year evaluations for CPs, which were due to start next week, will be postponed to a later date.

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