Tensions continue in Israel and the Palestinian Territories after the Tel Aviv attack

Two Palestinians were killed Thursday during an Israeli operation in the Palestinian camp of Jenin, in the West Bank. A third was shot on a bus after stabbing a passenger.

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A still tense situation. Two Palestinians were killed on Thursday March 31 during an Israeli operation and a third on a bus after seriously stabbing a passenger in the West Bank. This is the latest deadly violence for nine days in this occupied territory and in Israel, raising fears of an escalation.

>> What we know about the recent wave of attacks in Israel

The two young Palestinians, aged 17 and 23, were killed “by the Israeli occupying forces who were carrying out an incursion into the area of ​​Jenin”, reported the Palestinian Ministry of Health. These deaths occur two days after an anti-Israeli attack that killed five people, including two foreigners and an Israeli Arab policeman, near Tel Aviv.

Violence as Ramadan approaches

After the Tel Aviv attack, the Israeli army deployed reinforcements in the West Bank and multiplied the arrests, in particular of members of the family of the perpetrator of the attack, Dia Hamarshah, a Palestinian from Yaabad, a village neighboring Jenin, having spent four years in Israeli prisons.

For its part, the Islamic Jihad, the second Palestinian armed Islamist movement after Hamas and very present in the Jenin sector, has asked its members to be on alert.

In Jerusalem, far-right lawmaker Itamar Ben Gvir, known for his incendiary statements about the Palestinians, visited the esplanade of the Mosques, called Temple Mount by Jews, on Thursday, a few days before the start of the celebrations of the muslim fasting month of ramadan. In 2000, the controversial visit of the leader of the Israeli right Ariel Sharon on the esplanade had triggered the second Intifada, Palestinian uprising.

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