The amazing benefits of castor oil, these are the ways to use

Castor oil i.e. castor oil has been used for a long time to gain many benefits. Its use has proved extremely effective for enhancing health including health, especially for hair. Its main feature is its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. The oil is also used in many cosmetics, soaps, massage oils and medicines.

Adds to increase hair shine
Men and women look upset because of falling hair and try many tricks to solve the problem. Hair fall can be prevented in just 10 days by using castor oil. As a result of massage on the head with oil, new hair starts coming. This oil is very effective in making hair thick, long and strong.

For clean skin

Mix 50 ml of almond and walnut oil and 25 ml of castor oil and keep it. After that, massage 8-10 drops daily by dripping on the face. Wash face after 5 minutes. Black heads on the face will be eradicated and make them shiny. However, people with oily skin should avoid using them.

Apart from this, another way to use it is by mixing with baking soda and rubbing it on the fingers, knees and feet, the color of black spots becomes lighter. Castor oil is also an aging agent. Applying cotton soaked in it can remove many skin problems. Used before lids and around the eye protects you from eye allergies.

Other benefits of castor oil
Spoon castor oil is used on an empty stomach to activate the small intestine and relieve constipation. In case of flatulence and gas, heat castor oil and massage it on the stomach. This will help to reduce body fat and reduce stomach. Massage with castor oil resolves the problem if you have a headache.

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