The antechamber of spiritual life

Have you had the opportunity to observe a child, squatting, drawing geometric figures on the ground with his finger? Have you noticed his silence and his air applied to these curves as if they were delivering a message to him which he was deciphering as he went along. Having often contemplated this scene, I am always marked by what this concentration manifests in the inner world of the child.

I have been testifying for two years, at the invitation of The cross, what I believe in and what I want to pass on to young children. I applied myself to observing them and reaping the fruits of their spontaneity. To transmit the taste for the Gospel and the freedom of Christ, I spoke of the importance of humor, meditation, enthusiasm, wonder, attachment, inventiveness, boldness, simplicity and joy. But for these seeds sown in the hearts of our children to flourish, they need a favorable ground: it is that of interior life.

How could we define it? It is the receptacle of emotions, affectivity, imagination, thoughts, psychology, spirituality. We all have one. We still have to let it emerge and become aware of it. There is an absolute urgency to help our children listen to what is going on in this inner space and take care of it. They can be trained to identify in their experiences what they have experienced internally. “When you were squatting over there, what were you doing?” what did it do to you? what do you do with it? “ This work of interiorization will gradually open a space in them, like a trace of eternity which is the sign of our constant link to God. Interiority is the space where the world resonates, it is the antechamber of spiritual life.


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