The apartment will be delivered to you on Thursday morning

One of the pleasures of his work for the columnist is that he is told a lot of stories. “Ah, well, I have a subject for you. The other day… ” And true stories, I love them. No fiction will ever reach the implausibility and the humor of reality.

My cousin Bertrand had to put his apartment up for sale. Like everyone else, at the beginning, he said to himself that he did not need the services of a real estate agent: this accommodation had only qualities, it would be a game to sell it. He posted an ad on one of the most effective sites in this area, Le Bon Coin. After six weeks, the apartment had found no takers, and Bertrand began to receive messages from Le Bon Coin offering him ways to make his ad more attractive. For a few euros, the ad could be enriched with more photos, or appear first in the ocean of real estate offers. Another suggestion, he was told, “Your item is not yet sold, offer delivery”. Bertrand wondered for a few seconds if the email was indeed addressed to him. But yes. “Your item has been on sale for several weeks and has not yet found a buyerit was explained to him. Take the bull by the horns! More than a million buyers acclaim delivery: offer this option by modifying your ad and sell faster. » Followed the recall of the article concerned by the offer (because some sell several at the same time): Apartment 68 m2 Melusine Street, Loudun. €90,000”, and all the reasons to subscribe to this additional option: “Delivery on Le Bon Coin is… Faster, your potential buyer pays for your item directly online at the price you have set. More security, the money is automatically returned to you upon receipt of the article by the buyer. Free of charge, you have nothing to pay thanks to our partners Mondial Relay and La Poste, shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer. »

Let’s put ourselves in Bertrand’s shoes. He sees no reason not to opt for delivery. The advantage for the seller is obvious: the money comes to him upon receipt of the item, no need to go through a notary, big costs less, not to mention the paperwork. For the buyer, of course, it’s a little more expensive: the delivery is at his expense. And deliver a 68 m apartment2, this must not be given. But on the other hand, having your apartment delivered is practical: you put the accommodation you already occupied in the new apartment – ​​in general, you get bigger when you change roof; all you have to do is sell the old home and have it quickly sent to the buyer, and that’s it: no more moving, no more hassle of packing boxes, then emptying them. By doing well, you don’t even have to take the clothes out of the closet or the dishes from the sideboard.

This is yet another sector of activity in which progress is obvious. Moreover, the Internet is overflowing with testimonials from customers blown away by today’s deliveries. “I place an order in a supermarket with home delivery, says a user. In particular, I ordered a black dye for my clothes (because my shirts were bleached by the sun). A call from the supermarket: – Hello, we’re out of black food coloring, so we’ve given you a blue one, is that okay? It is of the same brand. »

The delivery men also testify. Some customers call them on the way to ask them to stop for a short break, they need cigarettes or wine; they specify the brand, the quantity.

The delivery of purchases has always existed. When someone had a clock or a table made, it was brought to him, by cart or sleigh, depending on the country and its climate. It is in the United States that the profession is said to have taken its modern form. Wells Fargo is considered to be the first parcel delivery company, starting in 1852. Later, the Pony Express became famous for the inventiveness that its delivery men implemented and the risks they took . It is said that they delivered a package from one side of America to the other in ten days. At the beginning of the XXand century, a young courier trained to make deliveries on foot or by bicycle decides to rationalize the activity. With a hundred dollars, he founded the American Messenger Company. The company is now called the United Parcel Service and its revenue is $43 billion.

But, as we know, it does not yet deliver the accommodation. Le Bon Coin should protect its invention. It has happened too often that excellent French ideas have been developed by the Americans.


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