The Assembly adopts at first reading the bill on criminal liability and “police” drones

The text, carried by the Ministries of Justice and the Interior, was adopted Thursday.

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A first step. The National Assembly adopted Thursday, September 23, at first reading, the bill “criminal responsibility and internal security” which changes the legal regime of criminal irresponsibility after the Sarah Halimi case and regulates the use of drones by law enforcement.

The text carried by the Ministries of Justice and the Interior was voted by 34 votes in favor, eight against and six abstentions. Subject to an accelerated procedure, it will be examined in session in the Senate, from October 18 to 20.

The text aims first to suppress the fact that a person has consumed psychoactive products, such as narcotics or alcohol, knowing that this could lead to violence or homicide for which he has been declared irresponsible.

The bill also provides for several security measures emphasizing the regal: violence against agents or their harshest repressed families, the fight against motorized rodeos or reinforced refusals to comply. The executive returned to the charge to authorize the video recordings in the premises of police custody, as well as the drones and cameras on board the vehicles of the police.

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