The benefits of these herbs in boosting immunization power are surprising

Corona epidemic People were affected all over the world. Millions of people died due to the disease caused by this virus. However, now its effect is beginning to diminish. At the same time, after the spread of this disease, people started taking many measures regarding the body’s anti-disease ability. To fight against any disease, the first doctor in our body works as the body’s resistance. Despite the infection many times, you become well within a few days.

The conclusion from this is that the Immunity Power of the body is better. Now the question arises, how to increase the Immunization Power of the body. By the way, people in India advocate for better treatment through herbs. Not only this, it is also very effective. People have become very cautious about their health after the outbreak of corona infection. At the same time, they are also alert to increase their immunity. Today we are telling you which herbs or herbs are there, which prove to be effective in increasing the immunity of the human body.

Miraculous benefits of infallible Giloy

The miraculous properties of herbs have been described in the Indian system of medicine Ayurveda. Also, there are no other problems with their use. Among them, Giloy is a very effective Ayurvedic herb. Which has been used in the treatment of many diseases for many years. Giloy is very effective in increasing the immunity of the body. During the Corona infection, the demand for Giloy juice was very high. Due to the increase in immunity power, any person gets a protective shield to fight against the disease.

Effective in cough, cold

If you have frequent colds, coughs or fever, then your immunity is weak. There is no better medicine than Giloy to increase immunity power.

Beneficial in improving digestion

In addition, Giloy is very beneficial in improving weak digestion. Giloy can also be consumed to get relief from constipation. If you have constipation problem, you can consume gillos juice.

Cinnamon, black pepper

According to doctors, people who have high immunity to the body, they are left with the corona virus. That is why people are now fully engaged to increase their body’s immunity. Cinnamon and black pepper decorations commonly used in food are also helpful in increasing your immunity. It should be used a lot in food.


Just because of religious belief, you will find a basil tree in the house. But people do not yet have comprehensive information about its medicinal properties. The benefits of Tulsi are not limited to cold and cold, but there are many other benefits of this medicinal plant. Tulsi is very effective in curing many diseases and increasing the immunity of the body. This plant increases the immunity of the body and fights bacteria and viral infections.

Of basil Not a virtue, it is a panacea in serious diseases. Kidney stones melt with the help of basil leaves. Put basil leaves in hot water and take out all its extracts. After that, drinking one teaspoon of honey mixed with it daily will cure kidney stones at home.

Found in every house ginger Is a natural medicine. It is also helpful in digestion. It is helpful in solving problems like nausea, vomiting, motion sickness etc.

Gooseberry Maintains body resistant capacity. You can use it as pickle and chutney.

Garlic With this, you can get nutrients like iodine, iron, potassium, calcium and magnesium along with vitamins A, B, C.

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