The Big Picture: Salman Khan joins hands with Ranveer Singh, preparing to rock the game show

Ranveer Singh is going to debut on TV with ‘The Big Picture’ quiz show. An announcement was made on Saturday about this unique game show of its kind. Ranveer Singh will host this game show. Now it is reported that Salman Khan has joined hands with Ranveer Singh for this show. Yes, this is the first time that Ranveer and Salman will work together on a project. Well, the interesting thing is that Salman Khan will not be co-hosting the show, but he will be the co-producer of the show.

Salman Khan will co-produce the show
Salman Khan said in an official statement, ‘Colors TV is the perfect platform for such shows. I am very excited about this show and to see Ranveer Singh as the host. Salman Khan and Colors TV have an old relationship. He has been hosting the show ‘Bigg Boss’ on the channel continuously since 2011. Now this relationship is going to be that of the show producer after the host.

Ranveer showed his strength in the promo video

The promo of ‘The Big Picture’ was also released on Saturday itself. In this, Ranveer Singh is giving information about the format of the show. Seeing the promo, it seems that this game show is going to be special for those people who are ‘filmy worm’. That is, those who are settled in Bollywood films. Ranveer is also the perfect host of the show as he is not only a great actor but also a big fan of Bollywood movies himself.

Ranveer Singh, who is debuting on TV through this show, will make a millionaire like Amitabh Bachchan
Ranveer is excited to debut on TV
Regarding his TV debut, Ranveer says, “As an artist, I am always excited to experiment and explore something new in my journey. Indian cinema has given me everything. I have got a lot of love from the people of the country. Now I want to connect with people in a very unique way through my television debut with ‘Colors The Big Picture’. This quiz show is based on the ‘Ab’ generation of the country. I am very happy to be associated with this project.

Questions will be hidden in pictures, you will get crores on answering
Seeing the promo of ‘The Big Picture’, it is clear that some pictures will be shown to the contestants on the basis of which questions will be asked. These pictures will be from movies. There will be a chance to win crores of rupees by giving correct answers. Overall, the show is not only going to be entertaining as per the concept but will also enhance our knowledge about the films. At least that’s what it looks like looking at the promo.


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