The broken Empire


Is it really worth spending a sleepless night watching the results of a presidential election in the United States? And to face the first frost of the pale dawn without even being rewarded with the privilege of being among the first to know who of John Smith and Tom Wesson has won the knife battle they have fought before us? Yes, those who think that every American election is like a domestic election for each of the inhabitants of this earth will say. Because, will affirm those, on the result of this ballot depends the color of our lives, the prosperity of our economies, peace and war between nations.

→ INFOGRAPHICS. U.S. election 2020: results state by state

With regard to the Americans, we are in the position of the inhabitants of the countries conquered recently by the Roman Empire. We are not worthy of being citizens of Rome, but everything that touches and happens in Rome ends up affecting us for good or for bad. According to the laws, the distribution of wealth, and the advance of the legions. We were gradually realizing that every first Tuesday in November, every four years, it was indeed the head of our global village who was chosen by others. This is what had planted us in front of our stations for ages since the invention of television. We have remembered the Homeric and rhetorical duels where people called Kennedy, Nixon, Reagan, or Obama fought for our votes and fed either our appetites or our anxieties.

This is all true but it was before. Before a sad clown takes up residence in the White House and turns this building into the headquarters of globalized foolishness. Before the orange-maned jocrisse erected lies and nasty rudeness as principles of government. Let’s admit that what attracted us as a show promise, on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday was the prospect of seeing him go to the mat and be defeated by more civilized than him. It is not a very dignified attitude, nor a very Christian one, let us admit it because it is similar to that of the spectators of wrestling or boxing matches who assemble to see the swollen faces of burly stipendées. But the soap opera deceived us with this long suspense, which was not even finished with the return of the day and these States constantly hesitating between red and blue. There would be accounts and accounts. Not to mention the shortcomings that the lawyers of both camps would polish with a quibble and procedural science. At the risk of the chaos of the streets.

→ ANALYSIS. In the United States, “Trumpism” will survive with or without Trump

Is all this to America’s advantage? Certainly not the one that made us dream for so long. And which made us want for a long time. This democracy which gives lessons to the whole universe will have offered the example of an absurd and caricatural electoral system. It is because the United States has become, under the empire of violence, profit, ugliness and a national egoism, a ramshackle empire which is no longer worth a tripette in our eyes. We no longer aspire to the American way of life. Their cinematographic, musical and romantic culture is all that remains in our eyes of their hyperpower. In our opinion, this legitimized the empire they wielded over the imagination of the whole world. We loved the Americans for the exact opposite of the face their president has given for four years and which, perhaps, he is about to give them again. The face we loved was made of inventiveness, openness, humor, lightness of being, protective force. Quality productions that would never go through the ugliness phase. But the violence and the excesses of this great country which wanted to rule the world and make itself its policeman exceeded the limits. He has become illegitimate in his desire for power, his selfish arrogance has become unbearable.

→ CHRONICLE. What happened to the American dream?

May we be restored to the America of our young years, that of our liberators, of those who forced the admiration of our minds, guided our tastes and preceded the evolution of our manners. It was a multicolored, modern, open, smiling, welcoming America. All the peoples mingled in it, the freedoms seemed to have all been invented.

But here she is at the start of the new millennium, curled up on herself, nasty like an old witch, locked inside and throwing her arms and her grumpy hatred towards all horizons, despite her religious pretensions. Trump embodied to the limits of the bearable everything we hated in America. We dreamed of her getting rid of her costume. Will the opportunity arise to reconcile with us? We will not wait four more years!


Suddenly the rediscovered France seemed to us sweet and beautiful in contrast to the underlying violence of the greatest democrat on the planet. But that was without taking into account the fatal virus that haunts our days and nights.

The Covid-19 is, since the wars, the greatest calamity that has fallen on our heads. He took us by surprise and, at first, many were tempted to take him jokingly. Some very clever people have found themselves to present it to us first as a “grippette”. And the same people, wrapped in their certainties, had been telling us since the summer that there would never be a “second wave” ever.

→ DOSSIER. Containment in France

They have looked good, those lying prophets, since it swallowed us up, this second wave. Wherever we look, it is there to taunt us, this disease with its little prickly balls of all colors. She attacks the young people gathered around their evening beers. She defeats the elderly who patiently wait in nursing homes where she finds material to lead the living to the shores of misfortune and death. In town, everyone is wary of their neighbor. Everyone avoids breathing when they pass a gasping jogger. The sidewalks are no longer safe. The shops, you have to remember to be wary of them. We would be well advised to avoid transport and to favor our own car rather than the bus or the metro. Reconfinement is seen by some as an outrageous punishment and by others as yet another injustice intended to prevent them from working and earning their living honestly.

→ THE FACTS. Health crisis: Olivier Véran’s anger against the opposition

The fight against the pandemic in France has taken on the appearance of a battle between the isolated government and an invisible internal enemy. This enemy has as allies all those who, more and more rare however, continue to deny the extent of the question and all those much more numerous who by culpable negligence or reckless idiot believe that he will not pass by them. They are joining together to thumb their noses at the health authority and denigrate any action by power against the scourge. Smarter than the rest, they argue that people at the top of the ladder don’t know what is good for France. The proof ? They found it in books, in encyclopedias, in websites. But they also know very well that if we closed the bookstores it was to make people dumber, more uneducated and incapable of critical thinking. To really transform, this time, the French into “calves.” We don’t do it to them, strong-minded people. No one will take them for Americans capable of swallowing any canard.


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