The C8 channel given formal notice for “clandestine advertising” in several sequences of “Touche pas à mon poste”

The Canal+ group channel is accused by Arcom, the audiovisual and digital regulator, of having made “laudatory remarks” towards several clothing brands, in particular during a show with the rapper Booba.

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It is a sanction that must bring back bad memories to C8. The Canal+ group channel received a formal notice from Arcom, the new audiovisual and digital regulator, for several sequences which, according to him, resemble “clandestine advertising”according to a decision published in the Official Journal on Wednesday 23 February.

In question, a sequence in particular, broadcast on March 4, 2021 during the flagship program of the channel “Touche pas à mon poste”, which received the rapper Booba that day. The regulator criticizes C8 for having repeatedly highlighted the brand of clothing worn by the rapper: “The main guest (…) wore shoes and clothing whose mark was repeatedly viewed and mentioned twice by the person concerned”. Host Cyril Hanouna himself made laudatory remarks” about the cap of the guest and asked the latter the brand of a jacket worn during a previous broadcast.

Other sequences, in the programs “Le 6 à 7” by Benjamin Castaldi, and “Touche pas à mon poste” of October 26, 2021, are also implicated for having presented logos “without special precautions”given the “laudatory words” on the mark of a pair of glasses, or put forward a book for several minutes. Behavior that corresponds to “clandestine advertising”according to Arcom, which sums up the chain to stop this kind of practice. Asked by AFP, the channel declined to comment.

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