The car of tomorrow

The house of Skoda, which manufactures cars, urges us to buy its new model, which is called EnyahiV, and which is 100% electric. This car certainly has a lot of advantages. But Skoda’s argument to convince us to acquire it is a bit mysterious: “The car of tomorrow for people today. “ Being one of today’s people myself, I don’t really see the point, personally, of buying a car tomorrow. I would just as much like to have a car today, which I can use today, like all people today. Because a car of tomorrow is certainly very practical for the people of tomorrow, who will benefit the most from it, but the people of today (at least most of them) have the particularity of live today.

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Suddenly, going down to his parking lot to pick up his car and discovering that it is not there because it is a car of tomorrow when we are today, that may be slightly frustrating. Especially since tomorrow, it will be the same: tomorrow, in fact, as we all know, is another day, it is even what makes that tomorrow is not today. In my opinion, people today are not going to spend their lives waiting to live tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and so on to be able to drive their car tomorrow. Even if it’s a 100% electric car.


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