The cities most threatened by the explosion of days and nights of heat wave

EXCLUSIVE RANKING – For the 70 largest cities in France, we have identified the projections of climatologists concerning after 2040. Depending on the municipalities, the temperature increases will be more or less marked.

The heat wave arrived early this year. According to climatologists, these summer heat waves will be more and more frequent. If France is going to warm up everywhere, it will not be at the same speed, nor with the same magnitude depending on the city, according to the models of climatologists. From 2040, the places where the thermometer will go wrong the most in summer are not necessarily those that come to mind spontaneously. Conversely, some areas of the country should still be relatively unspoiled by the middle of the century.

To measure these differences across the territory, we compared the projections of researchers from climatology laboratories, compiled by Drias – Météo France. For the 70 most populated French cities, we present here the number of additional abnormally hot days and nights (more than 5° compared to the expected temperature). These data are the median…

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