The CO2 sensor, a very simple tool to know when to ventilate classrooms

DECRYPTION – The ministry offers establishments to manufacture them themselves, as part of educational projects.

It is now something well established: in a closed environment a good part of the contamination is done remotely via aerosols, tiny droplets emitted by an infected person when breathing or speaking and which can stay several hours in suspension. Against this mode of transmission, which specialists agree to think is important without succeeding in quantifying it exactly, two complementary weapons: the wearing of a mask (compulsory from 6 years old at school), which makes it possible to limit particle emissions, and aeration of rooms, which allows them to be dispersed.

Opening windows is a simple gesture that is extremely effective», Underlines Philippe Amouyel, professor of public health at the Lille University Hospital. “But it is not necessary to ventilate simply in the morning and in the evening. It must be done regularly, throughout the day, to renew the air.“In the health protocol presented by the Ministry of National Education for this start of the school year, it is recommended

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