The CO2 sensor, an underexploited anti-Covid weapon

DECRYPTION – Researchers confirm the effectiveness of this tool while the instruction to ventilate rooms would still be too “superficially” recommended by the authorities.

A simple gesture could be enough to prevent this high-risk re-entry from turning into a fiasco: open the windows. It may sound trivial, but ventilating rooms is one of the simplest and most effective weapons to limit the spread of Covid-19. There is now no doubt that the transmission “Airborne”, that is to say via microscopic droplets which can remain in suspension for hours, constitutes a major route of transmission. The instruction to ventilate the rooms would still be too much “superficially” recommended by the authorities, judges a recent editorial in the British Medical Journal. In France, for example, it will have taken until October 2020 for ventilation to be added to the official list of barrier gestures.

But how often and in what situations? It is obviously not possible to directly measure the quantity of potentially infectious aerosols contained in a room… On the other hand, researchers from the University of Colorado

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