The Council of State suspends new government decrees authorizing traditional hunts

The summary judge of the Council of State considered Monday that the decrees taken in October by the government risked violating European law.

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New rebound in the fight between hunters and animal defense associations. The summary judge of the Council of State, seized urgently by the League for the protection of birds and the association “One Voice”, on Monday, October 25, the eight new government decrees authorizing traditional bird hunts. The League for the Protection of Birds and the One Voice association had seized the Council of State to ask for “urgently suspend these authorizations for the 2021-2022 campaign.”

After a first cancellation in August by the highest administrative court of the country of several hunting authorizations (thrushes, blackbirds, lapwing, golden plovers, skylarks with nets or cages), the judge considered that the government had taken mi -October these new orders on the same basis, risking to contravene European law, and that thus existed “a serious doubt as to their legality”.

“After this first urgent decision, the Council of State will rule on the merits of the appeals against these decrees in the coming months”, specifies the press release published on its website.

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