The Council of State validates the dissolution of the CCIF and BarakaCity by the government

The government had dissolved the two associations, described by the Minister of the Interior as “dispensaries Islamists“working” against the Republic “, at the end of 2020, after the assassination of Samuel Paty.

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The Council of State validated, Friday, September 24, the dissolution by the government of the Collective against Islamophobia (CCIF) and BarakaCity, which took place at the end of 2020 after the assassination of Samuel Paty by a Chechen Islamist extremist.

The Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, greeted, in a tweet, the decision of the highest administrative court, considering that the fight against Islamist ideology had crossed “a decisive step”. For its part, the CCIF (which nonetheless dissolved itself in November 2020) reacted. He sees in the decision of the Council of State a “administrative drift” of the opening government “the way to the crime of opinion”. “This decision, both for its target and its motives, marks a major turning point in the institutionalization of political and repressive arbitrariness in France”, reacted the CCIF in a press release consulted by AFP.

A defamation complaint was also filed by the CCIF against Gérald Darmanin in December 2020 before the Court of Justice of the Republic (CJR). The minister had described the collective as a “Islamist dispensary” working “against the Republic” and against which it was necessary “stop being naive”. Sefen Guez Guez, lawyer for associations, had at the time denounced “slander” and “a purely political dissolution”.

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