The dangerous mirages of food supplements

DECRYPTION – All products promising to sleep better, boost memory or protect arteries are at best ineffective, when they are not toxic.

Who has never been tempted to take dietary supplements? Whether it is to sleep better, regain a little energy, boost your memory, prevent urinary tract infections, have hair that does not break, even protect your heart and arteries or even fight against a supposed deficiency in vitamins or minerals ? It is difficult to resist the promises of good health, vitality and youth that these tablets, capsules and other syrups make glitter, present by the thousands in pharmacies, supermarkets, specialized stores and on the internet. For two years, nearly six in ten French people say they have consumed it, with a particular enthusiasm, the Covid epidemic obliges, for products proposing to strengthen the immune system, promoting sleep or even regulating stress, as Synadiet reminds us, the union that represents the players in this market.

We often hear “if it doesn’t do me good, it can’t hurt me”. It’s wrong. Food supplements are substances with physiological effects that can have deleterious effects

Dr Mathilde Touvier

But what is really behind these beautiful promises? What can we really expect from these products

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