The deputy for Saint-Pierre and Miquelon attacked in front of his home during a demonstration against the vaccine pass – Overseas the 1st

Political reactions are numerous after the violent images broadcast on social networks. We see the deputy (LREM) of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon, Stéphane Claireaux, victim of projectile throws in front of his home. He is the target of demonstrators against the vaccine pass.

Unacceptable“, a “lynching“, a “intolerable aggression“, these are some of the reactions following the aggression suffered by the member for Saint-Pierre and Miquelon, Stephane Claireaux, in front of his home, this Sunday, January 9. While a demonstration against the vaccine pass bringing together more than 500 people was taking place in the streets of Saint-Pierre, several dozen demonstrators went to the home of the LREM deputy of the archipelago.

The deputy left his home to talk to the demonstrators. The latter then threw dozens of projectiles at him, in particular seaweed (seaweed), under laughter and jeers, as we see on a video tweeted by the Minister of the Sea, Annick Girardin, for which Stéphane Claireaux was the deputy during the last legislative elections.

Images “deeply shocking“, explains Annick Girardin who supports the deputy Stéphane Claireaux. The minister explains having contacted the prefect of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon so that “the republican order is maintained and that the protection of the elected representatives of the territory is better assured. “

An open investigation

In a press release, the prefect denounces this attack and indicates that “The gendarmerie was immediately seized of this investigation, and the perpetrators of these extremely serious facts will have to answer for their acts in court.”

Watch the explanations of SPM la 1ère on the unfolding of the facts, this Sunday:

Indignant reactions

Among the reactions, that of the Minister of Overseas and the President of the National Assembly. On Twitter, Sebastien lecornu declares himself indignant: “An elected representative of the Republic lynched in front of his family home. Images of incredible violence, deeply shocking.

The President of the National Assembly, Richard Ferrand, specifies having contacted Stéphane Claireaux to express his solidarity.

The mayor of Saint-Pierre, Yannick Cambrai, expresses his “shame in the face of this horde who attacked a lonely man“.

Other assaults

For several months, attacks or threats against elected officials have been increasing, in particular against the majority deputies who support the health measures taken by the government. Faced with the resurgence of threats against these deputies, a referent was appointed at the end of November within the services of the National Assembly to “collect reports” and “to advise“elected officials in their possible steps. The Minister of the Interior also asked the prefects a few days ago to strengthen the protection of elected officials”in the context of the examination of the vaccine pass bill“.

Saturday January 8, a few days after the adoption of the vaccine pass by the National Assembly, the anti-pass demonstrations were followed by around 100,000 demonstrators across France, a figure which shows a remobilization of opponents of the health measures taken by the government. In Saint-Pierre, the demonstration gathered more than 500 people, in Miquelon they were a hundred. This is the most important mobilization since the start of the health crisis in the archipelago. Saint-Pierre et Miquelon has 6,000 inhabitants.

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