“The desire to set off on the path”

Father Jean-Loïc Ollu

Rector of the sanctuaries and the cathedral of Puy-en-Velay

“We never closed the shrine, but it no longer had its normal function of welcoming pilgrims from all walks of life. We tried to be always so available, despite everything. Fortunately, we have regained the dynamics before the Covid. Right after the confinements, a certain number felt this very strong desire to be with themselves and with others. For example, I have seen families with children go on the path, and do two or three stages together. There were also many single people, who had 15 free days ahead of them, and suddenly decided to leave, without knowing yet where they were going to be able to sleep. These places are real oases: they offer a place of rest, which people need more and more today. The Camino de Santiago is always a journey with ourselves, within, which moves our heads and hearts. “


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