The diocese of Valence calls on a specialized association to better listen to victims of abuse

In 2016, the diocese of Valence launched a listening cell on sexual abuse in the Church. To complete the support for victims, the diocese has set up a partnership with Remaid France Victimes 26. This association, recognized by the Ministry of the Interior, specializes in helping victims. On track for several months, the partnership has just been validated by a signature, announced by the diocese on Monday February 8. This system complements the assistance to victims of abuse already put in place by the diocese.

Behind this partnership, the need to broaden the management of these traumas that are often dealt with internally. ” There are people who only want to confide in representatives of the Church, others on the contrary, above all do not want and prefer to speak exclusively to an external actor. What is important is that these suffering people have a choice. The main thing is to be listened to », Explains Pierre-Yves Michel, bishop of Valence in a press release.

“Show that we are there”

Since 2016, reports to the listening cell have rather concerned old and prescribed cases. In recent months, the cell phone has not rung at all. ” But we want to show that we do not forget, we are there, present and listening to potential victims who would not dare to confide in people holding ecclesial authority ”, underlines Nicolas Guyonnet, communication manager of the diocese joined by The cross.

Even if currently we no longer have victims who ask us, we remain vigilant. We don’t want to force people to speak, but our role is to let people know that it is possible to speak up, »Explains Bishop Michel in the press release. The possibility of confiding in professionals listening and helping victims will therefore be offered to people who are victims of abuse, as well as long-term psychological support and prevention for school groups.

Assistance to victims in the broad sense

In its paraphernalia to serve victims, Remaid France Victimes 26 will also offer relaxation therapy sessions, writing workshops and meetings between victims and perpetrators of sexual violence. ” 46% of those who contact Remaid France are victims of sexual abuse, but the association also supports people affected by trauma linked to natural disasters, attacks, etc. ” explains Nicolas Guyonnet.

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Thus, while this partnership should primarily benefit victims of abuse, it could concern victims in the broad sense. As during the assassination at the end of January of a Pôle Emploi adviser from Valence and a HRD from Ardèche. ” A psychological unit was set up in the nearby Catholic school, where the son of the Pôle Emploi counselor in question was studying, reminds the communications manager. Remaid France could also intervene in this kind of situation. “


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