The document. The “Ratio fundamentalis”

The document.  The

The Congregation for the Clergy released in December 2016 the new Ratio fundamentalis, the orientation text of the training in the seminars. The previous version, slightly modified in 1985, dated from 1970. The revised document, which is for seminaries all over the world the basic text for the formation of future priests, particularly insists on the need to form “Humanly balanced, serene and stable people”. The new Ratio fundamentalis obviously takes into account the change of socio-cultural and ecclesial context compared to 1970 with profound upheavals concerning the image of the priest and the needs of the communities. The document puts forward the concept of integral formation, uniting the spiritual, intellectual, pastoral and human dimensions. This last dimension is underlined in the text with an insistence on the notion of discernment and this from the year of propaedeutic. Each local church has the responsibility to adapt it to its national context.


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