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China launches its carbon market

More than three years late, China launched on Monday 1er February its carbon market, which is set to overtake its European counterpart as number one on the planet. For the first time, it authorizes provincial authorities to set quotas for thermal power plants, which are 60% coal-fired, and allows energy companies to trade rights to pollute. China, the world’s largest polluter, has pledged to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060.


Town planning

Bouygues selected for the renovation of the Gare du Nord

The builder Bouygues has been selected to lead the renovation of the Gare du Nord in Paris, a project of 600 million euros for an overall cost that will exceed one billion euros, announced the president of StatioNord, the company of mixed economy bringing together SNCF and the Nhood real estate company in an interview with Echoes. An agreement was concluded at the end of 2020 with the Paris city hall on the final shape of the station, which should have a little less commercial space and a little more bicycle parking than initially planned. The works will generate 450 jobs, followed by 1,800 permanent direct jobs outside the SNCF.


27.5% market share for electrified vehicles in France in January

100% electric vehicles represent 5.1% of new vehicle sales, hybrids 22.4% (including 6.5% plug-in hybrid vehicles). This is the first time that more electrified vehicles are sold than diesel cars, whose share is 25% – against more than 50% in 2016. In total, the market for new passenger cars is in decline. by 6% compared to January 2020, which had two more working days.


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