The essentials on the Covid-19 crisis


The European Agency validates the Janssen

The European Medicines Agency estimated on April 20 that the benefit / risk balance of the Janssen vaccine remained positive. She said she established a “Possible link” between the vaccine from the American laboratory Johnson & Johnson and cases of blood clots, which should “Be listed as very rare side effects of the vaccine”. The Haute Autorité de santé should take a quick decision in turn and unblock the delivery of the 200,000 doses already received by France.



Olivier Véran advocates a territorial approach

In an interview with Telegram on April 19, Olivier Véran spoke in favor of a “Territory-by-territory approach” for the lifting of the braking measures in force since April 3. He indicated that it would take “Look at the epidemic situation in each territory”, as well as the overall level of saturation of hospitals in France. Even if he believes that a decrease in the epidemic has been starting for five days, he said that “We are still at a very high level of the epidemic”. The lifting of restrictions in mid-May must be announced ” on time “.


Vaccination campaign

The “second line” workers concerned

As of this Saturday and for two weeks, 400,000 workers from the “second line” will benefit from dedicated vaccination slots. This will affect the over 55s of around twenty professions deemed essential for the continuity of economic activity and particularly exposed to contagion, in particular cashiers, bus drivers or truck drivers, employees of slaughterhouses or funeral directors. , maintenance or security agents.


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