The essentials on the Covid-19 crisis

United States

Heart problems in vaccinated young people

A link “Probable” exists between the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines and rare cases of inflammation in the heart in adolescents and young adults, independent American experts estimated Wednesday, June 23, to whom 300 cases of myocarditis and pericarditis were presented. Most cases are mild, with individuals often recovering on their own or with minimal treatment ”, wished to reassure several health officials.



Arrival of a third wave and a record of infections

Brazil broke a new record of Covid-19 infections on Wednesday, June 23, with 115,228 new cases recorded in 24 hours, according to the latest report from the Ministry of Health, confirming the arrival of a third wave. The official death toll also shows a total death toll of 507,109. Brazil is the second most bereaved country in the world in absolute numbers, behind the United States. According to the latest epidemiological report from the public reference institute Fiocruz, the situation is critical in 19 of the 27 Brazilian states, with more than 80% occupancy of intensive care beds, and even 90% in eight of them.



For a “long-term” management of consultations

The French mutual insurance company proposed Thursday, June 24 that the reimbursement of consultations with psychologists be perpetuated. To respond to the increase in mental health problems linked to the Covid-19 crisis, mutual funds, health insurance and provident institutions had decided in March to reimburse certain consultations of liberal psychologists. “The conditions and modalities of long-term care” should be studied, argues Mutuality, “The contribution of psychotherapies (…) no longer to be demonstrated ”.


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