The essentials on the Covid-19 crisis


François Bayrou in favor of the health passport

The president of the MoDem and High Commissioner for Planning said he was in favor, Sunday, December 27, for the idea of ​​a health passport, which would condition the access of certain places to vaccination against Covid-19. Faced with the outcry over a bill on health emergencies establishing the possibility of making certain trips conditional on vaccination, the government postponed ” several months “ tabling of the text in Parliament.



Four years in prison for his reports in Wuhan

The “Citizen journalist” Zhang Zhan, a 37-year-old former lawyer, was sentenced Monday, December 28, to four years in prison by a Shanghai court for disseminating on social media reports on the Covid-19 crisis in Wuhan, where the pandemic a year ago, especially on the chaos in hospitals. Arrested in May on charges of “Provocation to unrest”Zhang Zhan went on a hunger strike against her detention in June, before being force-fed through a nasal tube. She “Appeared very dejected when the judgment was announced”, one of his lawyers said. The metropolis of 11 million inhabitants officially counted nearly 4,000 deaths from Covid from January to May.



Controversial New Year for Neymar

The controversy has not ended in Brazil since the revelation by the daily O Globo of the “giant” party that the star of PSG Neymar would prepare at home for New Year’s Day. More than 500 guests were first mentioned, sparking strong reactions in the 3e country most affected by the pandemic. The agency responsible for the organization assured Monday, December 28 that only 150 people would participate, with a strict protocol and respect for barrier gestures.


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