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Free souls

by Charlotte Bousquet

Scrinéo editions, 176 p., € 12.90

In a notorious neighborhood in the United States, Jada lives alone with her brother, a member of a gang. Since the departure of their mother, she struggles to survive and continue her studies. Not far from home, Queen, the lioness with the amber gaze, is the prisoner of an organizer of clandestine animal fights. This book with nervous writing crosses the fate of these two beings, damaged by life but endowed with a powerful character, who will learn to tame and support each other. All the originality of the novel lies in the way in which the author espouses the points of view of the teenager and the feline. This is the characteristic of the new “Faune” collection which turns our gaze upside down by giving voice to animals, horses, bears or crows.

Cecile Jaures

By Charlotte Bousquet, Éditions Scrineo, 176 p., € 12.90 From 12 years old.



Latin and ancient Greek, etymology for children

What do a viaduct, a conductor and education have in common? These three words contain all the letters DUC, which refer to the Latin verb ducere (lead, lead). Three words which, like 80% of the terms used in the French language, therefore have Latin origins. This is one of the lessons of this little etymology guide, joyfully illustrated and intended for very young people. A work that also delves into the Greek roots of a large part of our vocabulary. Famous phrases, words to complete, presentation of the main mythological figures of Athens and Rome… The book arouses the reader’s curiosity, while helping him to master spelling. Only downside: it hardly mentions words derived from other languages, even though this etymological diversity also gives color and depth to French.

Denis peiron

Bonhomme de chemin editions, € 8.90. From the age of 8.


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