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A new ceremonial for the Pope

It is a new face that we will have to get used to seeing near the Pope during the ceremonies he presides. Bishop Diego Giovanni Ravelli, 55, was appointed on Monday, October 11, the new master of pontifical ceremonies. He also becomes responsible for the papal musical chapel. It is in particular to him that will fall in charge of pronouncing the formula, “Extra omnes! “, marking the closing of the doors of the Sistine Chapel during a conclave.



A priest and two activists on hunger strike

Father Philippe Demeestère, Jesuit and chaplain of the Secours Catholique pour le Pas-de-Calais, as well as two activists, announced that they had started a hunger strike on Monday October 11 to demand an end to the dismantling of migrant camps during the winter period and the opening of a “Dialogue” with the State on the treatment of exiles. “There is a very clear hardening of the mistreatment of exiles. It’s a way for us to say that it should stop ”, according to the 72-year-old priest, living in Calais since 2016. He says he is assisting “Daily to forms of psychological and physical violence. “



Bishop Rolf Steinhäuser appointed Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese of Cologne

Mgr Rolf Steinhäuser, current auxiliary bishop of Cologne, was appointed on Tuesday, October 12, apostolic administrator of the same diocese. Until the beginning of Lent, in March, he replaces Cardinal Rainer Maria Woelki, Archbishop of Cologne, who on the same day began a “spiritual break” granted by Pope Francis on September 24. Cardinal Woelki is hotly contested for his handling of sexual abuse in his diocese.


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