The executive takes back control of the extension of abortion deadlines

The bill aimed at “Strengthen the right to abortion”, and in particular allowing the extension from twelve to fourteen weeks of the period of access to abortion, should finally be examined in January by the Senate. The government could put it on the agenda the week of January 17. A surprise turnaround, while the executive had so far shown little willingness to support a measure to which Emmanuel Macron has repeatedly said to be hostile.

On November 25 again, in The cross, the president had ruled that an extension of the deadlines “Was not (was) neutral for women”. But he also specified that he left “Their freedom to parliamentarians”. During the examination of the text at second reading, on November 29 and 30, it is therefore a “Wisdom advice” which had been formulated by the government on all the provisions. It is up to parliamentarians to make their own choice. The text was adopted by 79 votes to 36.

But the question of his future in Parliament arose, no senatorial group having wanted to include the text on the agenda of the High Assembly. “Only the government could seize the subject and impose it on the calendar,” says Albane Gaillot, co-rapporteur of the text at the Palais-Bourbon.

How to explain this change? First by the existing disagreement, on the subject, between Emmanuel Macron and his parliamentary majority. With, at the head of the supporters of the text, Christophe Castaner. The president of the LREM group in the Assembly has never hidden his support for an extension of abortion periods. “There are, in our territory, deep inequalities and social injustices against which the proposed law will allow us to fight”, he pleaded, on November 29, in the hemicycle. Results : Casta (his diminutive, Editor’s note) made the seat of government “, describes a senator LREM, deducing that perseverance must have ” to pay “.

“The executive also understood that we were ready to compromise, adds the deputy Cécile Muschotti (LREM). We have let go of the ballast by maintaining the double conscience clause for doctors, which the initial bill blew up. From there it was getting hard not to trust us. ” Especially since “It is above all the president who is against an extension of the deadlines, not the whole government”, notes an observer. Several ministers, including Olivier Véran, have indicated that they are personally in favor of it.

If the majority is jubilant, on the left, we are also delighted with this change of gear. “If the news were confirmed, it would be a tremendous victory for parliamentarians and associations, whose voice would have finally borne”, comments Laurence Rossignol, vice-president (PS) of the Senate. Not only, some argue. “I do not believe that Emmanuel Macron had a sudden revelation, cingle Patrick Kanner, leader of the Socialist senators. If he remains hostile, on the bottom, but he still gave the green light, it is because there is, behind this turnaround, a political coup. “

“I think there is a link with the appointment of Valérie Pécresse as candidate, explains Laurence Rossignol. This victory was not in the scheme of Emmanuel Macron. But Valérie Pécresse does not have the same profile as Xavier Bertrand or Michel Barnier. From Macron, she borrows youth, liberal thought, a form of modernity … ” A right-wing electorate ready to vote for Emmanuel Macron finds himself in the president of the Île-de-France region. Advancing on abortion would therefore be “A shot of billiards with two cushions”, say Laurence Rossignol and Patrick Kanner with one voice. On the one hand, President “Sends a signal to the left, by making abortion a social marker”, on the other, he “Outdated the hard line”, by returning Valérie Pécresse to her image of former supporter of La Manif pour tous. A hypothesis rejected by the majority. “It’s noise, fantasy”, tackle the deputy Cécile Muschotti. “I think Casta weighed in. For the rest, I do not know “, boot touches another senator.

The examination of the proposed law on abortion is not yet officially on the agenda of the Senate. It should be confirmed (or not) around January 12.


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