The first part of the budget narrowly adopted by the deputies in the Finance Committee

Posted Oct 7, 2022 10:28 AMUpdated on Oct 7, 2022 at 2:03 PM

Barely. After the rejection of the public finance programming law on Tuesday in the finance committee at the Assembly, the examination of the first part of the budget for 2023 promised to be perilous. Nearly 1,500 amendments had been tabled, far more than in previous budget reviews. Finally, after several setbacks for the macronists during the debates, this first part of the finance bill (PLF) devoted to revenue was adopted Thursday at the end of the day.

“If all the oppositions voted against the PLF 2023 in the Finance Committee, only the NUPES almost had its full vote against only one present for LR and RN, which saved the macronist budget in committee,” said scoffed Eric Coquerel, the Insoumis chairman of the Finance Committee. “Premonitory of an empty chair strategy in session?”, He wonders on social networks.

Energy shield, CVAE

For the majority, the essentials are preserved: the extension of the energy shield (45 billion euros) and the disappearance of the contribution on the added value of companies (4 billion in 2023). Moreover, the tax on “superprofits” pushed by the left was not adopted. A reason for satisfaction for the government and the deputies of the majority, who defend tooth and nail the European contribution targeting energy companies.

The macronists nevertheless suffered several defeats. The deputies notably deleted the introductory article, which sets the objective of containing the public deficit at 5% of GDP in 2023. Amendments were passed against the opinion of Jean-René Cazeneuve (Renaissance), the general rapporteur for the budget .

Assumption of 49.3

This is the case of the one filed by Marc Le Fur, an elected Breton LR who wants to deprive of tax reduction donations to associations whose members “are found guilty of acts of intrusion” in farms and industrial establishments . Less controversial, an amendment by PS MP Christine Pirès-Beaune for the creation of a tax credit for the dependency costs of people received in nursing homes was also adopted against the opinion of the majority.

The general rapporteur for the budget, for his part, was pleased to have passed an amendment aimed at increasing the tax rates on vacant housing by a third, “an incentive measure which will make it possible to reduce land pressure and fight against soil artificialisation. Another success for the majority, on a subject which it knows to be particularly sensitive: the adoption of the amendment establishing an energy shield for the benefit of the communities of the municipal block hardest hit by the rise in energy prices.

On Monday, the budget text will arrive in the Chamber of the National Assembly. The hypothesis of recourse to Article 49.3 of the Constitution by the government has not been ruled out.

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