The French and caregivers are worried about the future of the hospital

INFOGRAPHICS – An overwhelming majority of the population and hospital staff are ready to defend the public health system, reveals an Odoxa / MNH poll.

The French public health system is a bit “our national treasure”, recalls Gaël Sliman, president of the polling company Odoxa. He presents, Tuesday, May 17, at the Santexpo fair in Paris, the results of the latest Odoxa 360 health barometer carried out for the Mutuelle nationale des hospitaliers (MNH), in partnership with Le Figaro health, with the scientific support of the Sciences Po health chair. After two years of health crisis, this study underlines that two-thirds of French people and almost all of the nursing staff (93%) expect a future deterioration of the healthcare system. public health. And both are ready to demonstrate to defend it! In fact, the hospital and health are a reason for mobilization for 81% of French people and 87% of nursing staff, notes the survey, carried out among more than 3,000 French people and nearly 500 health professionals.

It is a serious warning for the next government, while the subject was not a major issue discussed during the presidential campaign. However, worrying degradations have already been measured by individuals. Nearly one in two French people expresses difficulty in paying the remainder after a consultation. And access to care has deteriorated: more than a third of French people have difficulty getting to the hospital, compared to only 10% in 2016.

Improved quality of work

This evolution is an average which masks in particular a strong deterioration for the most modest people (do they hesitate to go to the hospital after the introduction, since the 1er January 2022 of a minimum flat rate paid by emergency patients?) or for the inhabitants of small towns of less than 20,000 inhabitants who live in medical deserts. For these two categories of population, the barometer notes a deterioration of 40% in access to care. In addition, retirees who receive a small pension could hesitate to go to the hospital, because of an advance of costs that is crippling for their budget, even if it is reimbursed by their mutual insurance company.

However, the Covid crisis has not altered the very positive feeling of the population towards the hospital and its staff. Because despite the work overload, 90% of French people consider that they have been “humanely treated” to the hospital. The population remains “love of the nursing staff” still “very well regarded”notes Gael Sliman.

Working conditions

The survey gives, in hollow, two families of tracks to improve the situation. To fight against medical deserts and guarantee the continuity of care, 66% of French people would be ready to consult a nurse rather than a doctor.

On the other hand, health professionals remain very critical of their working conditions, despite the “Ségur de la santé” put in place by the government. Nursing staff, in particular 80% of nurses and 82% of nursing auxiliaries, would not recommend that their children embrace a comparable career in the hospital.

For the latter, avenues for improving the quality of work are recommended by the survey. In addition to a salary increase, it is above all a question of improving working conditions (premises, materials available, etc.) and reducing psychosocial risks. Caregivers are confronted, much more than other workers in the general population, with insults, incivility, threats and even physical attacks: 55% of nurses have suffered at least one attack.


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