The French patient

Since Sunday evening, and the re-election of Emmanuel Macron at the Élysée, we have been thinking of… Molière, by seeing a multitude of doctors rushing to the patient France. As in a play by Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, whose 400th anniversary is being celebrated this year.and birthday, everyone rushes to his bedside. The diagnosis is rather shared by the Purgon doctors of politics and the media: multiple fractures, a lot of bruises… and certainly “the darkest melancholy in the world”this affliction from which the young Lucinde is affected in doctor love.

→ LARGE FORMAT. The father, the mother, the servant… 400 years later, Molière’s family hasn’t aged a bit

The comparison stops there. Because France is anything but an imaginary patient who could be cured with quack potions. On the contrary, it will take a lot of determination, seriousness and courage to seek to administer the right remedies. A bit of wisdom too, to look at what already exists, far from the spotlight and the permanent agitation, when tempers are already heating up in view of the legislative elections and a “third round social” we are talking about this weekend from 1er may.

The Cross The Weekly wanted to highlight seven initiatives intended to mend the distended links, to bring together distant populations, to mobilize around a common project. In conclusion of our file “Repairing France, but how? », the Jesuit Marcel Rémon pays homage to the seven “smugglers” who bear witness to it. Men and women who carry out very real actions to heal the wounds of society, in the field of education, precariousness, security, the environment…

→ ANALYSIS. Age, social category, geography… These dividing lines drawn by the presidential election

All take on the problems, seeking to federate more than to separate, to involve more than to leave in isolation. Progress is slow, relapses frequent, but a process is underway. “Repairing France involves recognizing everyone’s contribution to the collective project. Everyone must feel recognized and involved”, recalls Marcel Rémon. The program is ambitious, it is also essential. The results of April 24 saved France from shock treatment, the consequences of which were formidable and unpredictable. But his evils, deep and lasting, did not vanish at the ballot box. All energies must be summoned to heal our country.


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