The future of Operation Barkhane

Monday, December 28, France had to deplore three new deaths in Operation Barkhane: its record, since the start of operations, amounts to 48 deaths. The probability that France will succeed in effectively controlling this vast area of ​​over 2 million km2 is, with 51,000 troops deployed, practically nil. Moreover, no other State of the European Union wanted to follow France in this adventure … The rebels know and control the ground and are supported by the populations.

It is understandable that the military staff finds, in this engagement, tactical reasons, and also technical, to continue this mission to validate certain operational choices. But you also have to know how to be reasonable, when the expected results are not there …

Francis Demay

In this immense dangerous theater of military operations in the Sahel to neutralize the jihadist enemy, opinions differ. Our freedom in France, we owe it to the battles waged by our soldiers. The terrorist threat is upon us, but we don’t realize it. We need to support our armies.

Pierre Bonne

Here is a beautiful subject of referendum in France and Mali, in Europe and Africa: “For or against maintaining the Barkhane force in Mali?” “

Stephane Vincent

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