The Goldorak generation brings their hero back to earth

Exhibition at the Maison de la culture du Japon in Paris, evening for fans at the Grand Rex, issue of two postage stamps, rebroadcasting by France Télévisions of the 74 episodes of the animated series and, finally, a new album in bookstores… For Goldorak , it is the alignment of the planets! Without consulting each other, authors and creators of events have constructed the same dream: to bring down to Earth the robot which, four decades earlier, in 1978, had taken to space after having saved the “blue planet”.

Mission accomplished with the soberly titled comic strip Grendizer and signed by four big names in French comics (1). At the crossroads of Franco-Belgian drawing, Marvel and manga, the album brings the characters to life and associates them with contemporary issues: refusal of violence (including that of the war machine that is the giant robot), fate of migrants, place of women … More than 120,000 copies have been sold and many quinquas or quinquas have found it under the Christmas tree.

“The formidable robot of the new times has helped a generation to enter the world of adults, even if it means hurting their parents who viewed with a negative eye so many fights, says Denis Bajram, co-writer of the album. This series took us seriously, tackling the big questions of life, within a real dramaturgy. ” Much criticized at the time of its broadcast, Grendizer is today celebrated as the first marker of French interest in Japanese pop culture. “Its broadcast was a revolution in youth television programs, far from Casimir and cartoons, according to Olivier Fallaix, curator of the “Goldorak-Xperienz” exhibition. The series presented for the first time complex personalities, immersed in a climate of war and conveying values ​​of courage and friendship. “

In our opinion

Goldorak has unsuspected intergenerational virtues. No doubt the animated series does not meet the codes of today’s children and teenagers, but they will have fun hearing their parents sing at the top of their lungs the credits of the French version.


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